About Us


Most of the computer-related clubs at the University of Florida were polarized to represent either electrical engineering or computer science . Students in computer engineering and other computer-related fields wanted a club that represented the union of electrical engineering and computer science. In the fall semester of 2014, their ideas would become reality through the official foundation of the University of Florida Association of Computer Engineers .

Our Mission

The Association of Computer Engineers aims to:

  • Promote Computer Engineering.
  • Create an environment where students from computer engineering or other related majors can collaborate and effectively work together, practice all phases of computer engineering and other allied fields, and further their professional development.
  • Facilitate interest in STEM fields to prospective students, non-engineering students, and the Gainesville community.


Although ACE hosts workshops, info sessions, mock interviews and more, our office is located at 3137 in the Student Activities and Involvement Office .

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