Gear Up

GearUp is a series of mini-workshops ACE presents at several libraries, schools, and other venues. Ace brings a custom PC, Oculus Rift, and Snap Circuit kits for a community’s enjoyment and education. At GearUp, we demo various games and movies with the Oculus Rift so people can see what virtual reality is like, often for the first time. While they wait for their turn at the Oculus Rift, volunteers from ACE personally interact with the audience to teach them the fundamentals of hardware with Snap Circuits, a child-friendly tool to build circuits. ACE members engage in conversation with the patrons and promote computer science education.


HackerU is a event that ACE holds every semester. It is a workshop that display the latest technology that ACE has to offer. In past events, ACE has shown off a face-tracking camera, a Node.js light display project, and small robots. The goal of these events is to expose students to new technologies and spark interest in computer science and computer engineering.


As a member of ACE, you have the luxury of becoming a part of our mentorship program. The goal is to provide new computer engineers with an environment to not only become more involved with ACE but also to succeed as computer engineers. Experienced computer engineers guide their mentees with resume critiques, course road maps, and weekly technical experience exercises including java lessons and HTML workshops. This provides new computer engineers with the technical experience they need to thrive in the workplace.

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