First Year

Welcome to the University of Florida!

Take a moment to read a little about our organization and our answers to some frequently asked questions.


The Association of Computer Engineers was founded to foster a community of students interested in the elements of hardware and software in computer systems. We offer many social, technical, and professional opportunities to our members, and we welcome those with interests ranging from Electrical Engineering to Computer Science.


Freshman advising for engineers is located in Weil Hall just south of the stadium. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Last Name Advisor
A — D Mauren Cox
D — HOU Andrea Fabic
HOV — MON Joel Parker
MOO — SEL Deborah Mayhew
SEM — Z Matt Williams

General advisors are in the CISE or LAR buidling

CpE — Allison Gatshe LAR 230
EE — Nicole Young LAR 230
CS — Todd Best CSE E405

Check out the academics tab for more information!


Stay healthy — mentally and physically!

  • Classes you may be interested in:

  • EGS1106 — Intro to Engineering
  • COP3502 — Fundamentals of Programming 1
  • SLS1102 — First Year Florida
  • Use these FREE academic resources:

  • Broward Tutoring Center
  • CISE Academic Tutoring
  • Professor/TA Office Hours
  • Enjoy your time in the swamp! Explore new things, meet new people, try some awesome food! Here are a few things in the Gainesville Area:

  • Lake Wauburg outdoor activities
  • Gator Nights every Friday
  • Check the events page for ACE sponsored events!
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  • Other questions? Visit the ACE contact page to get in touch with a senior member